Monday, January 25, 2016

Please be

Could I stand before You and say
“Look at what I have done! Come, marvel with me!”
Certainly not. 
Even my best is tinged with shades of selfishness and ambition. 
I lord it over others, “it” being all manner of things. 
I'd turn heaven into hell. 
It is not a matter of scarcity. 
If I had enough, it would still not be enough.
I could not build a heaven
There is something within me, something that is beyond me, beyond my ability to control
But what is the deepest thing within me?
The very deepest part
The thing only You can see
The original
Is it wicked?
Is it lost?
Is it meaningless?
It cannot be
I don't even know myself. 
God, You
Must be the one
To dig beneath these walls of ego and will
I have built them strong and sturdy
These prison walls
They make sense in a world of tragedy after all
Defeat me
Find me there
But in asking this
My faith is that You are Other
Than what they have said, the many
So different
You must be
Please, please be
If indeed the depths of me are Your creation
There is but one question

Who are You Lord?

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