Thursday, February 25, 2016

Consider The Lily

Consider the lily
Though it seems rather silly
To give mind to a flower
That's absent of power

You'd have to be blind
No end game in mind
To waste a sole moment
Calculating it's quotient

Even when they're in bloom
There isn't much room
For the blazing bright leaf
Within minds of belief

They summon your eye
As you drive by
But their temporal mirth
Won't grow your net worth

Whether dead in the fall
Or crushed by a ball
Or adorning a tomb
Time kills the bloom

But, But, But

Let's see YOU drink the sun
and transform it's rays
into foliage of tenderest gratitude
protesting the curse of death

For all your toil
command YOUR heart
to bloom in the spring
How great and how terrible to consider and
to Be

Like the lily
Let us take and eat and bloom

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