Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Random Thoughts - 3/22/16

Haven't posted anything in awhile. Why not a few random thoughts?
  1. There is a scene in Jurassic Park (the original) where the raptors are systematically testing out their electrified containment fences for weaknesses.  They probe and test every inch of it, ramming their bodies into it, trying to escape.  This is my 2.5 year old daughter right now.  A velociraptor testing the boundaries.  Of every.  Single.  Thing.  But she’s my velociraptor and I love her desperately.
  2. What better time to argue about Atonement Theory than Holy Week?  It’s SO important.  In the end, atonement theory is simply the question of “Who is this living God of whom we speak?”
  3. In getting older, time seems to slip away.  Work.  Responsibility.  How rare is a true, deep, intimate friendship as an adult!  How I long for one.  Just one would be enough.
  4. This March Madness Bracket has to be my worst one ever.
  5. To my wife: I’ve come to realize that in my own spiritual wanderings – this painful deconstruction and isolation – I have not wandered alone.  No Man Is An Island.  I wanted it to be a noble, lonely, heroic journey – whether selflessly, or selfishly.  I do not mean this in a Footprints in the Sand way (my how I hate that poem).  Not in a “with you in spirit” way.  I mean this in a tangible human way.  I have brought you with me (not metaphorically) – whether we recognized it or not, whether you wanted to or not.    It is the price you pay for loving me.  I’m afraid that I’ve brought you down into the mud of cynicism.  I am sorry.  I have said it many times.  Forgive me.
  6. I’m really looking forward to baseball season.  Next year is here, Cubs fans.
  7. I wish that Truffula trees were real.
  8. “Children’s Bibles” suck.  They really do.

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